Live Silkworm Kit (bombyx mori) Educational Teacher's Kit v2.0 Includes 50 Live Silkworms

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  • 50 Live silkworms (small)
  • 1 lb Powdered mulberry silkworm chow, follow cooking instructions on label, store in fridge.
  • (1) Silkworm keeper (1) silkworm food grater, instructions on label for care and feeding.
  • Simple care instructions on silkworm keeper label, simple cooking instructions of the powdered silkworm food on food label.
The Live Silkworm (bombyx mori) Educational Teacher Kit v2.0 includes 50 Silkworms, (2) 1/2 lb powdered silkworm food, one silkworm keeper, and one silkworm food grater. The Silkworm Kit gives you a head start from our egg kit (at least 3 weeks). Perfect for teachers wanting to grow the worms up to cocoon stage but short on time, this kit will reach cocoon stage in 3-4 weeks. Enjoy your own little silkworm farm!
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Live Silkworm Kit Educational Teacher's Choice v2.0
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